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An Introduction to Urban Equity Group, Inc


Founded in 2009, Urban Equity Group, is a real estate solutions company based out of Palm Beach County, FL.   A company focus on helping property owners find fast solutions & resolution for problems whether it be facing foreclosure or just need to sell their property fast.  Providing relocation assistance when ever possible.

We then rehab, remodel and convert the propertires adquired back to safe and secure properties.  Helping neighborhoods sustain home values and prevent crime, otherwise caused by abandon properties.  Once completed, we manage and dispose of these properties as real estate opportunities for affordable housing, first time home buyers and investors looking to collect consistent cash flow while waiting for future capital appreciation.


Industry Real Estate | Finance | Management | Marketing  Type Privately Held  Company Size 1-10 employees  Founded 2009

Social Responsibility

Urban Equity Group encourages all employees and vendors to reduce the production of waste through the use of electronic communications, unless a client requests otherwise all quotes, invoices, and other communications are sent via email (or secure FTP transmission). This saves on paper and carbon miles for postage.

Lights, computers, and appliances are turned off (or unplugged) when not in use. Electronic documentation and imaging is utilized to provide a paperless filing option.

Misprints are reused as scratch paper and/or shred for packing materials paper where possible. Recycled office supplies (e.g. toner, paper, etc) are purchased when and where possible to reuse available resources.

At the end of its practical life hardware is cleared of information and passed to the local electronic recycling facility or equivalent, to be refurbished or used as parts. Paper recycling/shredding receptacles are strategically located around the office. Recycling receptacles are located in the employee break-room.

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